R-CubeD: Research, Rethink & Respond To Disability

The R-CubeD webinar series is to renegotiate, extend and open up the academic space to alternative knowledge, and ways of doing research and modes of expression beyond the traditional structures, by providing a platform for diverse stakeholders such as disabled people, researchers from the academia, disabled people’s organizations, activists, corporates, and communities to come together for discussions and debates on what should drive forward the research on disability and technology. It aims to bring theory and practice together while contributing new, critical understandings on disability and the Global South.

Webinar #1

Prof. Anita Ghai

Ambedkar University, New Delhi

TOPIC: Understanding Disability and Access in the Global South: Some post-Humanist Questions

Webinar #2

Mr. Dipendra Manocha

Daisy Consortium & Saksham Trust

TOPIC: A road-map to achieve accessibility involving universal design

Webinar #3

Prof. Karen Soldatic

Western Sydney University

TOPIC: Global Development, Sustainability and Digitisation: Disability Imaginaries in the Global South