Our Mission

Research based accessible solutions for the Global South

The mission of CAGS is to develop a research-based think tank, bringing together expertise in disability studies, technology, and society, with particular focus on the Global South.

Established in partnership with researchers and practitioners at Microsoft Research India and Vision Empower, we aim to be a centre of excellence and scholarship, bringing together academia, industry, government,

Disabled People’s organizations (DPOs) and change-makers in the area of accessibility to study and understand the various concerns related to persons with disabilities in the Global South and help in creating and disseminating effective solutions.

Research, Rethink and Respond

Research, Rethink and Respond to the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in the Global South

Effective Accessibility Solutions

Contribute in creating and scaling effective accessibility solutions for overcoming these barriers

Nodal Point For Synergy

Be the nodal point for synergy among multiple stakeholders including organizations working for people with disabilities, industry, academia and social enterprises working in assistive technology