Scalable Early Education with Digital Scaffolding

SEEDS, Scalable Early Education with Digital Scaffolding, aims to empower the children with visual impairment and teachers in special schools with access to appropriate digital devices—including the introduction of feature phones, smartphones, smart speakers etc —that could open the doors of the digital world to them. Good quality access to early education and introduction to digital technologies empowers these children and prepares them for better opportunities for learning, education and good careers. Apart from children, the programme also aims to familiarise teachers with disabilities with the use of digital technology who often have limited awareness and access to it. Therefore, the programme involves active engagement with teachers and children in such special schools for blind across the country that includes curriculum design, teacher training, creation of relevant material and their delivery to children and teachers through interactive voice response.

The programme will capture user experience for teachers and students to access digital devices who are mostly first time users of digital technology and design tools to enable teachers to create content both by audio recording and by digitizing paper books and material. The long-term vision of the project can be to reach every one of the estimated 1–2 million children with vision impairments in India.