CAGS Key Project

Digital Literacy

Inclusive STEM education in our country is still in its very nascent stage. There are many gaps that need to be addressed to make STEM education accessible for children with visual impairment in India and Assistive Technology plays a key role in this regard. One of the major challenges that we have identified among students with visual disabilities in the country is access to accessible Digital Literacy resources. The digital literacy project mainly focuses on the research and design of accessible training and learning materials for teachers and students with and without disabilities. These resources enable them to use the computer and smartphone with the help of Assistive Technology. The Digital Literacy course design involves a participatory design approach which helps students in learning how to use computers and smartphones in pursuing academics as well as to interact with day-to-day scenarios in an effective way. The course is structured to introduce children to the fundamentals of computers through instruction kits and audio and video tutorials designed by a team of researchers. The project also aims to provide training to teachers with visual impairment with limited access to digital technology.